Exploring Vancouver

After a particularly good night of sleep last night we were up and grabbed a pastry. Mine was super good it was a croissant filled with raspberries the covered in almonds.

Then we borrowed some bikes from the hotel and rode to Stanley Park around the bike trail. It was so much fun. It was so nice to feel the breeze blow across your face. We rode around the perimeter of the park twice and it was 15 miles.

Halfway through we shared some calamari and some fancy hibiscus rose drinks.

After we finished riding we went back the the hotel and played ping pong. We are all super bad that apperaltly. We also shared some snacks they brought to us.

On the way to dinner we stopped and got some pickle chips which are delicious. We compared two different brands Kettle was the best.

For dinner we went to a delicious ramen spot that some people we met last night recommended. It was super good. After dinner we relaxed by the fire.

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