The day I had beef jerky

Today we woke up super early it was sad because we were in the last Kimpton of the trip. We packed up the room and got Fred for the two hour drive to Olympic National Park thankfully along the way we stopped at Starbucks for breakfast. Then back on the road. Unfortunately I get carsick, very carsick, so for most of the drive my window was down with mints and a pillow stuffed in my face hoping my breakfast sandwich would stay down. Once we finally stopped I got out and sat back down to ease my stomach. Then I was informed to get back in the car for another hour of driving and of course it was on windy roads but I did fall a sleep for a bit so that was nice. Then we stopped again and got out for real this time but now it was time to spend a few hours getting ready to backpack. We had lunch half way through and then we hit the road with our huge packs. The hike we fairly popular and it did not have much elevation so we got to camp about three o clock. I found a little trail to the river and sat down to chill then it started to drizzle so we went to set up tents so we did not have to in a downpour. We will have beef jerky for dinner and then go to bed to finish the hike up.

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