The day I camped on the beach

Today we got up and I was surprised to realize that I was not tired. I went to Zoe and my mom’s tent to see if they were awake since they were not. My dad and I packed up the inside of my tent then went back to the river to have breakfast. I had apple sauce and a granola bar. Then we went back to our tent to see if Zoe and my mom were up. My sister was up but my mom was still asleep. So we waited even longer. Finally my mom got up when she saw a slug on the outside of the tent. Then we started to hike back it was really easy. So it took us only two hours to go six miles. We finished about 11:00 then we drove an hour and went to a spot where wee had burgers for lunch. We got ready for a new backpacking trip in the parking lot. We drove another hour to the next trail head. We got our backpacks back on. Then we hiked about 1.5 miles to the beach. We set our tents up on the sand then dipped our toes in the water. Then we went into our tents to write blog posts. We will have beef jerky for dinner then watch the waveo while falling asleep.

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