Oh Susanna

I played my guitar out on the shore line
And the fireworks, they burned out in the bay
We drank til July fifth and then we slept right through the sixth
And I thought about you all three days

The Mulligan Brothers

We’re on the eve of our last day in Seattle sitting just outside South Union Park waiting for the start of the fireworks. It’s been a whirlwind of a couple days, so much so that we missed blogging yesterday so we’ll try to make up for it with a double edition tonight.

Waiting for the Next Explosion

The focus of most of our time here was on all of the amazing food that’s produced in this town. After starting yesterday with Kimpton coffee we headed to Pike Place Market for a food and history tour. My aunt and uncle gave us a gift certificate for Christmas that’d we’d been looking for the right opportunity to use. I want to give a huge shout out to Savor Seattle and our guide Heather. We’d wandered through the market briefly the day before, but were astounded by what we’d missed.

Ellie has nicknamed Zoe’s suitcase “Volcano” because of its frequent eruptions.

The history of the market and its vendors were the highlight of the tour for me. At a glance, to the eye of an outsider Pike Place appears to be a loose collection of shops, vendors, and craft booths. As we made our way through we learned about the deep roots most vendors have.

The donuts we started our tour with are produced by a guy who opened the stand as a way to pay for college and ended up growing it into a thriving business. The Russian piroshky (we tasted both beef and apple cinnamon) are produced by a Russian couple who originally worked at another Russian restaurant and got the rare opportunity to start their own shop. Business owners who get the opportunity to have a place in the market rarely leave. Only 3-5 spots open in a typical year. Everything we learned about the market as we ate our way through it helped me to see it not only as a shopping place, but as a community. We closed out the day yesterday with wine, games, and dinner.

Of course today started, for the last time this trip, with Kimpton coffee. Being the 4th we didn’t really know what to expect as far as things being open. There was still a lot of market to explore though, so we headed out in search of brunch. Our plan was to revisit our favorite tastes from the previous day and discover a few more as well. We opened with salmon fish and chips at Ivar’s Fish Bar. Ellie’s favorite part was feeding the seagulls.

Tasting salmon fish and chips
Trying to feed a seagull
After being rejected by a seagull
The gull in question finally accepting Ellie’s fry

My two favorite spots from our tour were Beecher’s Cheese and Pike Place Chowder so I made sure we were able to hit them up again. Beecher’s claims to have the world’s best Mac&Cheese. They do. Pike Place Chowder doesn’t claim to have the world’s best chowder. They do.

Tasting a bagel
Tasting Mac&Cheese

One of the tips we learned in the tour was that instead of waiting in the hours long line for chowder we could simply place an order online and pick it up immediately. So we ducked into Rachel’s Ginger Beer, got some delicious Moscow Mules, and placed our order. Three minutes later we had a sampler of the four best soups.

Tasting chowder and Moscow Mules

There were a dozen other places we visited over the last couple days, so be sure to read everyone’s posts for a full accounting! Tomorrow we’ll be back on the trail! We’ll be backpacking at Olympic NP for two nights so we’ll likely be offline. Hopefully we’ll be able to find some wifi in Vancouver after that.

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