The day I went to Seattle

Today when I got up it was 7:00 which confused me because we were supposed to get up at 5:00 to hike. Then I realized my parents were gone and a note replaced them saying they went to get coffee. Eventually we joined them. I asked them why we were not hiking then I looked outside and realized that it was super foggy. We were not going to hike so we started to drive to Seattle. Just when we started my dad almost drove off the cliff it was so foggy. About a hour later we stopped and did laundry. Boring. Then we kept going and made it to Seattle. We couldn’t check in yet so we checked our bags and started to explore. We walked through Pike Place and then saw the Space Needle. It started to rain and then we went to a donut shop to get out of the rain for a bit. What do you do at a donut shop? You get donuts. So I had a double trouble donut and then we walked back to the hotel in the rain. We dryed off and then went to wine hour. My parents went out and got Greek food for dinner. Then we went to bed.

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