Once again we did pretty much nothing today. As with any good vacation though we did make sure to get an early start on the dayx with Molly’s alarm clock waking us at 6 AM. We got in a quick breakfast at the hotel and were on the road shortly after 7. I took the first turn behind the wheel and got us into Wyoming for the first time in nearly a year. As Molly drove the girls and I filled our time writing poetry and playing Mario Kart. I am proud to stay that both girls are nearly worthy adversaries. I do have a few extra years of experience on them, I spent a good part of my senior year of college practicing. They were both able to pull of some skillful red shell-pass moves at the finish line to beat me in a race or two. I still won the day, but by the end of this trip they may have me.


Excitingly, we’re also, finally, back in Colorado! We’ve driven through mountains! We’re spending tonight in Craig, a small town in a valley with rolling hills all around. We found a perfect spot for dinner at JW Snacks and enjoyed our first Coors Light of the trip. The girls and I got to swim for a while and I think all the maintenance tasks are finished.

After two long days of driving, tomorrow is our first actual day of the trip! We’ll be pulling into Dinosaur National Monument sometime tomorrow morning. We have plans to explore the East side of the park, the side without any dinosaur fossils. There does look to be lots of beautiful scenery, pictographs, and abandoned buildings to see. Since we’ll be in the middle of nowhere, I’m assuming that there won’t be any blog posts tomorrow. We’re hoping to camp at Echo Park for the night, then we’ll hike there on Saturday before continuing on to Vernal, UT. We’ll be sure to update again once we’re back on the grid Saturday evening. Until then you’ll have to feel like I do now: full of anticipation!

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