Fridays are usually my favorite day of the work week, because it means that Zoe and I get to spend the day with my mom. The day is always fun, always relaxing, and a nice break from the usual Monday through Thursday routine. As easy going as all three of us are, we definitely have a routine that we rarely break from. We meet up together, either here, or there, or somewhere in between and eat an early lunch. Then we do an activity, usually shopping, but occasionally we go to the zoo or to the park or something else. Then, without question we go to a Starbucks. Obviously, there are usually about six within a near distance from where ever the activity took place. My mom most often treats me and herself to a too delicious, over-sized, too fattening, over-priced, too yummy coffee concoction and Zoe to the sugar cookie of the season. We’ve been doing the Starbucks thing for over a year now, but started getting a cookie for Zoe this winter. Near the beginning, it was a special treat, maybe once a month. But now, undoubtedly, Zoe gets one each week. When we added the cookie to the routine they were snowflake shaped , then hearts, then Easter eggs, and now we get a yellow flower. Zoe always knows exactly what is in the small brown bag and knows she only gets a bite at a time. She also knows that Mom and Grandma get a bite too! That is pretty much why our Fridays are so important to me.


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