Zak and Zoe’s Zoo Trip

Molly left Zoe and I for this afternoon, so the two of us had to take the opportunity to go to the zoo. We rode our bike there with no problem. Zoe has grown to absolutely love biking. She spends most of her time just looking around and taking in everything. She’ll even point out things that are particularly interesting for me to see (trains, trucks, etc.). We had a great time there, and actually got to see some animals, although the baby polar bear we went to see was inside nursing. We did get to walk through the Fragile Rain Forest and the Fragile Desert. Zoe especially liked the rain forest. I think all the cool paths and lighting was fun for her. We also spent a lot of time watching the baboons, Zoe could have stayed there all day. About halfway home Zoe got really quiet so I reached back to hold her hand and she pushed mine away, so at least I knew she was ok. I never expected to see what I did when we actually got home and I got off my bike. . . A Zoe out cold! I think this is the first time she’s fallen asleep away from her crib in months, I must have worn her out!

One thought on “Zak and Zoe’s Zoo Trip

  1. A beautiful afternoon at the zoo, a fun bike ride with dad, lots of fresh air – who wouldn’t be worn out? She’s as cute as a button

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