Video Updates

I’m happy to announce a new feature for the new website – Video! Over the next couple days I will be putting up video from the past couple months. In order to keep the content arranged in chronological order the posts I make will not show up on the front page. However, as a service to our loyal readers I will provide links here (and move this post back to the top) whenever I add new videos. Enjoy!

Update:All the old videos have been added, new videos will now appear at the top of the page as they are recorded!

Video Update – May 9, 2007
Video Update – April 29, 2007
Video Update – April 5, 2007
Video Update – March 21, 2007
Video Update – March 5, 2007
Video Update – February 8, 2007
Video Update – January 29, 2007
Video Update – January 10, 2007

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