Day 52: Butte to Glacier NP

The day had two objectives: Make the drive from Butte to Glacier and enjoy the Lake Macdonald Lodge. Check and check.

The highlight of the drive was a stop for huckleberry ice cream cones. Delicious! 🍦 🫐

Several weeks ago I overheard Zak telling Ellie about our cabin at Lake Macdonald. The snippet of the conversation I heard was, “no door.” I inquired. It turns out that when Zak made the reservation so many months ago, he took notes about the accommodations. In the spreadsheet he wrote: cabin suite bedroom and sleeper sofa, shower, no door, no ac, no tv. We’ve spent weeks trying to figure out what we kind of cabin we were getting with no door. No front door? Do the bears just walk in? No bathroom door? Not going to fly. A shared cabin with another party and no separation door? Nope. Not doing it. What missing door was note worthy enough for the person giving Zak the room to mention it and for Zak to then write it down. There was so much anticipation as we approached the cabin. Guess what doors were missing. None. It had the completely appropriate number of doors, in fact, some would say a plethora of doors. We’ll never know what the reservationist meant or what prompted Zak to write it down.

Eating a meal or two in the lodge dining room is always a special night for us on the trips. This year the Glacier dining rooms are closed for the season, but they do have some carry out available. We grabbed sandwiches, huckleberry margaritas, and a picnic table. After dinner we went down to the lake and the girls swam as the sun set. It was a really nice evening and Ellie even exclaimed that it was her favorite night of the trip.

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