Day 22: COhome (vi)

I have loved every moment of the building a house process. From the get go, we’ve worked with the most competent, creative people at Kogan/Asher Custom Builders. (The company was sold mid-process and not a beat was skipped from our perspective.) We’re in the final weeks of the process and it’s time for us to do some things on our own, mainly choose all the furnishings. I’ve had the approval of every astetic decision I’ve made backed by the designer, Tracy. When it came down to two trim choices, she gracefully nodded toward the one that better fit with our home. When I couldn’t decide between all the whites for wall color, she narrowed it down to two and gently nudged me toward the right one. Door handles, cabinet hardware, sofa sizes, backsplash tiles, floor plank direction, light fixures, all the 10,000 choices we’ve had to make, I knew I just kind of needed to make one and Tracy would affirm or point to a different page in whatever catelog. Well, it’s time she for her to cut her reigns and we’re on our own for furniture. Of course, she provided appropriate dimensions and we’ve had countless conversations about the concept we’re trying to achieve, but it’s up to us to actually choose everything. It’s overwhelming. But today was the day to figure it all out. We had a long awaited appointment with one of the small, local furniture shops, Artesano’s. As soon as we entered all I wanted to do was succumb to my anxiety and run away in search of an iced tea or an IKEA. Instead, we found some awesome sofas that will work perfectly in our space. Then we walked into another furniture design studio, Urban Market, and found, what I think may be, the perfect dining table. Those are the big ticket items that I feel we need to start to transform this into a home. With a little of the anxiety behind me, we celebrated with happy hour margaritas at a pizza joint. (Somehow, they do the best margaritas after a stressful day.) We’re sitting on the deck now, watching the so needed rain fall, just imagining the house behind us with some of these furniture choices.

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  1. Holy cow, those are big deal purchases!!! I also feel furniture shopping anxiety and am amazed that you were so successful in one afternoon.

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