Day 10

Honestly today might be my first five mountain day. If you have no idea what I talking about let me explain, At the end of each day we fill out a little journal just so that in a few years we are able to go back and read about past trips One of the things on each page of the book is a rating but Instead of using stars we use mountains. Today started off on a great note as it was the first time I woke up without sunburn since day two and it will be great to be able to lay down tonight and not feel a horrible sting on my back. After packing up the inside of our tent Zoe and I got out and began to take down our tent. Then made the quick 10 minute walk from our campsite to the house. This next part might be a bit confusing so bear with me. Once back at the car we took everything out of Fred( our car) and put it up in attics of the house we then got out of clothes for two days, So if this makes sense we packed for a trip well on a trip. This is because although we are camping tonight it will not be at our property we will be camping in Moab! We packed up the camping supplies clothes for two days and a few other essential thing ( I’m very sad the disco ball did not make the cut). After the hour of chaos and packing we left the property and headed to the ABC cafe. This might be one of the best restaurants. They always give 100% Everytime. If you are happen to be in Mancos then you should definitely stop here (and come to see us). After a delishish breakfast we had another quick drive to Mesa Verde where we took on a hike that My mom, Zoe, and I had all attempted to do well on spring break but, due the sheer amount snow, ice, and steep cliff we turned around before even making it to the top of the mesa. We came in today with one task in mind concur the cliff and that’s exactly what we did. The hike starts off very hard as it is a imidiate 600 foot gain. This is definitely a struggle as there was also zero shade. Once we got to the top it got much easier this is mostly because it was flat. There was litterly no other up we could do we were at the top. Once at the top there are two different loops you can do. A long one and a shorter one. Most people would choose to do then make the 600 foot decende back there car, but we did both. Honestly I could have done with out the shorter one. The scenery didn’t really change but I feel like there’s not much I can do about that now. After finishing the second loop we headed back down to the car and drove over to City Market where we grabbed Starbucks and some more ice for our cooler. As of the time I am writing this it is a bit after three and I am not sure if I will have the chance to finish this tonight so I’m just going to tell you what the overall plan is. We are currently making the 2 hour trip from our land to Moab Utah where will be meeting up with our dear family friends the Ott’s. We don’t get to see many people we know well on our trips and since we are gone for so long I don’t really get the chance to see friends during to summer. This results in some of the best days of the being ones where we get to see both family and friends. I am so excited to see them and we will also be spending the next few days with them. We are meeting up for dinner tonight and then we’ll set up our tents and hopefully get a good night sleep. One more thing before I end the post if you live in or around Brookfield We have heard about all the rain and I hope that you basements and houses are rain free.

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