“I been hangin’ around this town on the corner

I been bumming around this old town for way too long”

Counting Crows

This is going to sound a little odd, but bear with me. The highlight of today was going to the Mancos Post Office. The first delivery to CO Home (a ladder) came via UPS a few days ago. The second (an amazing deal on a Ring doorbell) was scheduled for today. We’d been having a low key morning at the Cortez HIE when I got a notification from Amazon that the USPS had been unable to deliver our package. It actually hadn’t even dawned on me that the package may come from the post office, I was expecting to find another UPS package on the porch this afternoon.

Figuring out the mail situation had been on our todo list for the summer, but with an actual package destined for us it took a little higher priority. We set course for Mancos and Molly and I headed in. I have to mention that I had both high hopes and worst fears about how the interaction would go. The worst fear was something along the lines of “so you want mail four months a year, but spread over 6 different time periods? Nope.”

I’m happy to say that the actual interaction was even better than my highest hopes. We rang the bell on the counter and soon a young guy opened a wooden hatch. We mentioned we were building a house and he quickly told us to hold on and that he would meet us at the actual counter. As we met him there another woman came out of the back and he identified her as the postmaster. We again mentioned that we were building a house and she happily exclaimed “you’re the new address!” Apparently they were expecting us. We’ve always felt welcome here, but maybe never so much as when we were greeted so warmly by the postmaster, another postal employee, and a customer that happened to be in the lobby with us.

We weren’t really sure how getting mail at such random and periodic intervals would work. It turns out the system is very similar to the one at Fogo de Chao. They’re going to make us a card to leave in the mailbox. One side for “bring on the mail” and another for “no more mail for me”. So simple, so small town, absolutely perfect for us.

Our plan today had been to hang around COHO all afternoon, but the swarms of gnats that were antagonizing us lead us to the Mancos Brewery mid-afternoon for beers, cards, and blogging. As I write this a duet called Jamie and The Dreamers have just taken the stage. One of the things I missed most during COVID was live music. Really any live music from seeing my favorite bands to seeing a random person performing in a bar. This is the first I’ve seen in over a year and it’s the happiest sign I’ve had that the pandemic is (nearly) in the past.

Jamie and The Dreamers

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  1. Zak, if you can’t find Bug Soother for gnat repellant, you can let me know and I will ship a bottle as my housewarming gift to your Colorado forever home.

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