Errands and CO home

Today was a very relaxing not busy day so again there isn’t much to write about.

Everyone else woke up late today but I went to bed super early last night because my phone died I was up before 6:45. Finally at 8 everyone else started getting out of bed and starting the day. My dad and I ate breakfast outside and then we went to Mancos.

We stopped at the post office to pick up our doorbell and then we went to Mesa Verde to get a coffee mug for in the mornings while we are camping.

We had to got back to Cortex because my dad forgot his credit card at dinner then it was 12 before we got to the house. We pretty much spent all afternoon hanging out. Ellie and I played lots of Go Fish I the house and listened to music.

After a few hours we went to the mancos brewery because the gnats were attacking us and biting us with all 4 of their tongue knifes. We spent the afternoon playing monopoly deal and now there is live music. Tonight we are going to camp at the house. Then tomorrow we head to moab to see our friends!

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