Day 5: Garden of the Gods

The morning started with an absolute treat for me, sunrise yoga at Garden of the Gods. I’m struggling with the guilt of making the rest of the family get up at 6:30 and patiently waiting for the entirety of the class. The class of 15 had participants of all pratice levels and I seemed right in the middle, not able to do the headstand, but knowing what all the poses were and the general position to twist into when they were called out. My favorite part was the deer that watched a good portion of the class from right behind me. Everytime I looked her way she was munching on brush, probably wondering what all these people were doing with their arms over their heads balancing on one leg. I’m thinking that deer yoga will become the new trend when the days of goat yoga have passed.

After a quick change in the car and some cold water, I joined the rest of the family for our first real hike of the trip. I know we’ve said that we’ve done some other hikes, but they were more like walks. We all had on our hiking boots and packs, and the hiking trackers set to capture each step and mile. We completed 8 miles and it was the perfect hike to get back into it, less than 1,000 feet elevation gain, relatively easy, and not too many people once we got away from the main little loop and the big attractions. Plus the views were gorgeous! Pike Peak hovered over us the whole hike, the greenry of the shrubs provided bursts of shade for our legs, the massive red rocks jutting out from the ground caused paused as we pondered how they got there.

After a quick stop at Macy’s to replace the flip flops I forgot at home, the first two loads of laundry completed, some relaxing time on the patio, we’re waiting for a table at the most hopping brewery Zoe could find. All in all, it was a perfect road trip day.

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