Worlds largest truck stop and Omaha!!!

Today might just go down as one of the best days of the trip. Not only did we get to fill up the gas at the World’s largest truck stop but we also get to sleep in Nebraska! I have unconditional love for Nebraska for some reason, their is always just really good vibes there and it feels sentimental once you get past all the cow poop.

Today was actually a pretty busy and productive day for ending up in Omaha. Yesterday I was really sick all day because I got the COVID shot so I ended up going to bed really early at 10ish so I woke up early and cleaned my room. Im still upset that I wasn’t able to bring with my grey blanket on the trip. I’ve slept with it every day for the past 2 years so it is now neatly folded on the side of my bed.

There was one kind of big curve ball thrown at us this morning and that was that the water leaked all over the food in the car. I can’t give you too much info about it because I tried to stay out of that kerfuffle. After that was smothed out at E and mom went to school/work my dad and I went out to brunch!

This week was brunch week because my dad and I were all done with school a week ago so we had all week to spare. We went to brunch 2 days and I hung out with a friend 2 days and before we knew it it was time to leave.

After some blueberry pancakes and we finished cleaning ans we were on the road. We listened to our Road Trip Playlist which includes every where from Harry Styles (of course) to Billie Eilish and Vampire Weekend to Megan Thee Stallion. Other than that the car ride was boring I just sang to to songs and I played Subway Surfers for a solid 4 hours straight. Ellie and I also at one point weare singing along to Olivia Rodrigos “brutal” and will be saying “God, it’s brutal out here” for the rest of the trip.

We ended the night with sandwiches and sweet dreams in Omaha!

4 thoughts on “Worlds largest truck stop and Omaha!!!

  1. You made the right call on the kerfuffle. Poking a hole in the water bottle didn’t turn out to be as funny as a joke as you thought it would be!

    Just kidding!! We all know it was Molly. An end-of-the-year prank to get back at you brunchers for brunching all week.

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