Day 1: Home to Omaha

Although nearly all at home, the journey from the last day of rtxix to the first day of rtxxi has been long, filled with the happiest of highs and some dark lows. I’m most proud of the girls and how they weathered a global pandemic during their first years of middle and high school. Not only did they survive, they thrived.

As they were bouncing between remote and hybrid, I taught remotely all year. I could write a book on what it’s like to teach fourth grade from your kitchen, but as today was the last day of the school year, I need time to rest before I can reflect.

I’m sure the rest of the family has adequately described the day: the failed water cube, the chipped windshield, the backseat fighting, the elation of being back on the road, the singing along to the road trip playlist, the erupting anticipation of the most memorable of summers.

As I can’t add much, I go over what you can except from the blog this summer:

  • We’ll try to post everyday, but there will definitely be some days we don’t have internet accessable.
  • Please excuse the spelling and grammatical errors we’re bound to make. We mostly type on our phones, often after long days.
  • We LOVE when you leave comments!
  • We are all vaccinated! The girls got their second dose two days ago and will be fully vaccinated so soon. We would not have done this trip if we didn’t feel it was safe for the communities we visit and ourselves to do so.
  • We hope you’ll give us all the suggestions! If we’re in your neck of the woods or a place you’ve spent some time, we want to know all the best breweries, hikes, bakeries, and laundromats.

In addition to being Day 1 of rtxxi, it’s a very special birthday to the most special of friends. If you have a drink in your hands, raise a toast to Mollie with an ie. 🎉🥂❤️

5 thoughts on “Day 1: Home to Omaha

  1. Yeah – the Knotts are off! I cannot tell you how happy I am about this. I look forward to reading about every adventure. Safe travels and enjoy every moment!

  2. Next time you glide through Iowa remember we live on the east coast of Iowa! Maquoketa Caves State Park is nearby. Bravo for remote teaching. {{{{{{{Offers tender hugs}}}}}}} Our son worked from home next to the desk where his son in kindergarten and daughter in fourth grade sat. What a year and a half it’s been. Have a wonderful trip. I so look forward to receiving and reading your posts. I am a horrific typist ~ so forgive my spelling and grammatical errors too. 😉 SO EXCITED FOR YOU ALL!!!!

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