Mountain Sound

I heard them calling in the distance
So I packed my things and ran

Of Monsters And Men

Glacier NP is awesome! We woke up early this morning in Kalispell, 5 AM. By 6 we were on the road headed for the Many Glacier part of the park. To get there we first had to pass over Going To The Sun Road. This gave us a great overview of the park, and whet our appetite for hiking. By a bit after 9 we were parked at the Many Glacier Hotel parking lot and gearing up for our hike to Iceburg Lake.

From the first steps we had awesome views of the mountains, the waterfalls spilling down them, thousands of wildflowers, and everything else the trail has to offer. Even though we hiked 1,700 feet up, the trail felt almost flat on the way up thanks to our hikes of the past couple days.

It really was a perfect 5 mountain day. Everyone was in good spirits and good health. The trail was perfect. When we finished there was whiskey lemonade and plenty of beers waiting. It’s too bad we’re not spending a week here.

Iceberg Lake, our destination was also spectacular. We actually watched icebergs float past as we lunched on PBJ&C. We even got to watch a stupid woman wade out into the lake to try to “catch” one before it got away. I was hoping she’d fall in, but sadly, she kept her footing. At least she complained about her toes being frozen.

We also saw some really good wildlife today. Just below the lake there a pair of moose munching on plants in an area clearly marked as preservation of subalpine tundra. I guess the rangers here only enforce the rules when it’s humans breaking them. Despite their disreguard for the fragile terrain they were eating, they were a lot of fun to watch. We’ve had a dearth of big animals this trip.

Everywhere in Glacier there are warnings that the bears here are indefatigable. We’re certain that they are just waiting for the right moment to pounce on every unsuspecting tourist. For most of today’s hike we were surrounded by other hikers. Any self respecting bear would be far away from this trail. However, the last 1.7 miles were different. Apparently we were the only ones who had hiked from Many Glacier Hotel rather than the Iceberg trailhead. For the last 1.7 miles it was just us and the bears. Zoe, who was leading at the time was convinced that there was one around every corner and hiding in every bush. She did not stop talking for the entire half hour it took us to make it back. Luckily, her tactic worked. None of us were eaten or even mauled.

Once we made it back to the lodge we had a bit of a wait to check into the room. We passed the time in the lobby enjoying the view over the lake. Once we were able to check in we took showers in our appointed order. A few stops ago we decided that the fairest way to to decide who would shower in what order was by voting. We assign 3 points to the person we think should go first, 2 for second, and so on. I vot based on who I think is stinkiest. Today I pulled the 3rd shower.

After we finished we headed out to the patio and spent some time watching the clouds pass over the mountains. Soon we noticed a growing crowd of people which generally indicates a cool animal to see. We sent Zoe and Ellie to scout out the situation and they reported back that there was a black 🐻 with two cubs so Mol and I scurried over to see them. Two cool animals in one day!

Since we were all feeling a bit tired and hungry from our early morning and long hike (13 miles!) we headed back to the lounge for cocktails and go fish (we forgot the good games in the car). Tonight we’re having dinner in the lodge dining room. I have my fingers crossed for a really good meal.

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  1. Ahhh, them bears that cannot be fatigued!!! Glad the only ones you saw were ones you went running to see.

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