Day 31: Olympic NP to Vancouver

Two nights of backpacking in a row! I never, ever thought I’d do that! But I did! And it was so much fun. Sleep didn’t come as easily as it did the first night, and the waves were actually too loud at times during the night. I mumbled something to Ellie about turning down the volume on her Calm app at one point during the night. Turns out she can’t turn down the ocean.

The alarms had been set for 7:00 and, as usual, it took us about an hour to pack up camp. It was a little hard to leave camp and start walking east. This was the farthest west we’ll be and I guess this means that we’re on our way home. The hike out was super easy, despite the 450 foot incline in the first quarter mile. We were back to Fred within 34 minutes. Not too shabby for a morning hike with just a can of cold coffee.

The first stop was mandatory, hot coffee from a little roadside truck. It was one of the best lattes I’ve had in the past month. The next stop was about 45 minutes down the road, the laundromat. This life isn’t all that glamourous. As the clothes washed and dried, we cleaned out the packs, repacked food, cleaned the car, and did our best to reorganize things.

The next leg of the trip was to Port Townsend, where we took a short ferry ride to the other side. I’m not sure what otherside it was to, but Zak said that we saved about 8 hours in the car by taking the ferry. And we were able to eat popcorn and Deegan an IPA, so it was better than driving.

I drove the last leg of the trip, into Canada and up to Vancouver. Customs went smoothly and driving in Canada didn’t result in a ticket, which is kind of surprising because we can’t figure out how to get the car to translate miles per hour to kilometers per hour. We’re staying at a darling hotel that had the best shower I’ve taken in a long time. Of course we found poutine for dinner and spent the rest of the evening on the patio of the hotel making new friends and relaxing.

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