Backpacking in Olympic

Well, I started this morning by waking very very early. I got 5 hours of sleep last night so that was so incredible

We forgot to get breakfast out of the trunk and we didn’t want to dig it out so we each got a sandwich from Starbucks instead. Also, my mom got coffee. But that goes without being said.

We then drove about 4 hours to Olympic National Park. On the way, I took a nap. I have not naped since I was a baby so that was impressive.

When we got to the Olympic we got ready to go. Only one blatter broke. Also, we only forgot one thing in the car, the second set keys. Oops.

The hike in was beautiful. I had no idea that rain forests existed in North America. It was only missing the monkeys and sloths. It was green everywhere. And we were following the river the whole time.

We finally found the perfect spot to camp right by the river. We have been spending the after noon trying to skip rocks and throwing them on the island across from us.

We have a big feast planned for dinner tonight.

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