American Girl

Like waves crashing on the beach.

Tom Petty

One day, two backpacking trips! Somehow we all got our best camping night of sleep ever last night. I only woke up once at 4:30, decided that was way too easy to get up and fell right back to sleep until 7:15. Ellie and I got our tent packed up and didn’t some time watching the river go by before Zoe and Molly finally got up an hour later.

Our tents were pretty wet from their night in the rainforest, but after spending another hour trying to dry them out we gave up and just stacked them to the outside of our packs. This section of Olympic was really beautiful and as I mentioned yesterday so different than anywhere else we’ve visited. I’m really glad we took the time to come here. I’m also really glad that the snow still lingering in the mountains pushed us to check out this area that wasn’t a part of our original plan.

We all quenched our thirst straight from this tropical waterfall.

After hiking out we find a restaurant that served the perfect post&pre hike burger. It was giant, juicy, and had plenty of toppings. It even came with these weird fry things that were super delicious. After filling out bellies we pressed on to our second hike if the day at Third Beach.

Once again we were met with signs warning is that it car was going to be broken into, but with no other options we left Fred and wished him the best of luck. The trail was almost ridiculously short and flat, just a mile and a half and 400 feet down so we made it to the beach in no time.

We’ll be spending time the night in yet another beautiful place. The waves are crashing on the shore giving us a beautiful noise to fall asleep to as well. As long as Fred is intact tomorrow morning this is a park I’d love to return to.

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