Day 26: Seattle

We woke up at Mount Rainier to the thickest fog I’ve encountered. Not only could we not see the majestic mountain, but we also couldn’t see five feet out the window in our room. It was super early, only 5:30, since we had hoped to rise early to get a good hike in before heading to Seattle. The girls were still sound asleep, so Zak and I snuck out to grab coffee in the great room of the newly renovated lodge. After the first cup, we went back to check on the girls, who were still completely out of it. So we had another cup. One of the best parts was not having any access to wifi or internet of any sort. I read nearly half of my book, a book that had me laughing out loud and I highly recommend, Less by Andrew Sean Greer.

The girls finally woke up, saw our note, and joined us. We had a family pow wow that mostly revolved around the discussion of the weather. The fog had not let up at all, in fact it may have gotten thicker. There was a consistent light drizzle and the temperature was in the low 40s. Our two must haves for any adventure is safety and fun. If we’re not safe or we’re not having fun, we don’t do it. We decided that safety would definitely be an issue and that the chance of us having any fun wasn’t high. Unfortunately, we packed up and headed away from Mount Rainier, with the promise to ourselves to return when we had more time. We hit the road to find the nearest laundromat.

We found it, spent an hour and half washing our clothes, and then made our way to Seattle. Our room wasn’t quite ready, so we set out on foot to do some exploring. We wondered through Pike Place, made our way to the needle, and did a bit of window shopping before the downpour started. We ducked into the nearest spot that we could chill out in, only to find out we were in one of Seattle’s most popular coffee and donut shop. Of course we were! We ordered lattes and donuts, played some games, did more reading, and tried to wait out the rain. We weren’t all the successful on the weather front and had to made a run for it in the downpour to get back to the hotel.

The rain didn’t let up for the rest of the evening, so we carried in Greek food which really hit the spot. I’ve learned the Seattle is another city that is all about the food.

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