Zoo Trip

The other day we made it to the zoo in the morning.  As members we get a bunch of free passes for the tram ride and dolphin show, but tend to forget about them until they are about to expire.  We had decided that Monday was the perfect day to try to squeeze both the ride and show in before we needed to be home for lunch.  Zoe has be obsessed with trains lately and freaks out whenever she sees one, so she was naturally as excited as can be to be able to ride on the tram.  The excitement ended within 10 minutes and then Goldfish Crackers came to the rescue for the rest of the ride.

It had been nearly a year since we went to the dolphin show, so Zoe obviously didn’t remember it.  She was in absolute awe the entire time.  Each time a dolphin would go above the water surface her jaw would drop open.  She’d point at the dolphin and just laugh.  Occasionally, she’d look to us to see if we were seeing the amazing show that was happening right in front of our eyes.  She would wildly applaud for them, even if she was the only one clapping.  The twenty minute show went way too quick for all of us, as Zoe loved watching the dolphins and Zak and I loved watching Zoe.

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