Feeling Better

Zoe is getting a lot better.  She no longer has a fever and her voice is slowly getting back to normal.  She isn’t nearly as lethargic as she was a few days ago and she only has two more days of medicine.  We’re happy she’s feeling better; however, this sickness brought a new skill to Zoe.  The skill of whining.  It was particularly bad yesterday.  I think she whined for about 20 hours yesterday.  She is extraordinarily picky about what is happening to her.  She wouldn’t let Zak wipe her constantly running nose, or change her diaper, or brush her teeth, or give her a bath, or hold her.  He pretty much had to stay in another room all day.  In addition to not wanting to be near Zak she only wants me to hold her.  It’s hard to do anything and extremely exhausting to hold a 30 pound kid all day.  My feet hurt like they had never hurt before by the end of the day.   Fortunately, today started out a bit better, but when I started making her ask nicely she started it all up again.  I know we’re supposed to ignore this sound and not give in, but I’m going to need earplugs for that to work.  I love the kid to death, but this whining must end soon!

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