Times Have Changed

Yesterday afternoon we all went to Target and bought Zoe her very own potty! One of the first things I thought when we picked it out, is that there sure will be a lot of pictures taken with Zoe on it. (We’ll post some soon!) It is quite the potty and I know that nothing like it existed when Zak and I were her age. It’s a majestic throne. A real life throne with the lid shaped as a crown. And the best part is when she does successfully accomplish the mission, one of four royal tunes will play. It’s a musical toilet. Zoe is very good at sitting on it and we are proud of her for that. I want her to try to understand that when she goes in it music will play, so whenever I successfully urinate in my toilet I trigger hers to play a magical royal tune. I’m hoping she’ll make the connection, but we’ll see. I do have to say that it is incredibly gratifying to have music played each time I pee. I always feel so accomplished.


2 thoughts on “Times Have Changed

  1. Molly left out the part about how when we first set it up for her she kept trying to stick her foot in it. Let’s just hope she doesn’t do that after it has been used.

  2. Just to clarify: Zoe mimics us most of the time; however, she has never seen either one of us put our feet in the toilet.

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