Three Weeks, Six Teeth

In the past 3 weeks Zoe has had 6 teeth come in.  On behalf of our whole family, I just want to say, “OUCH!!”  It has been rough for all, but Zoe is the one that really stood up to the challenge and had a great attitude throughout.  Mostly.  Well, some of the time.  I’m sure she’s at the point that she thinks the pain is never going to end.  And regardless of how many times I reassure her that it will in fact end, she does not at all seem satisfied with my explanation.  She has been a good trooper throughout the pain thanks to a bit of Infant Tylenol, and I’ve been a good trooper throughout the tantrums thanks to some good strong drinks.  Now all six teeth are completely through the gums and we’re out of the rough patch.  At least until the next batch come in.

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