Morton Arboretum

Today is the start of a three day weekend for me, which is always nice. The weeks seem to go by so much faster when there are only 4 (or 3) days in them. Not to mention summer is only 12 school days away, including finals! Anyway, Molly, Zoe, and I spent the afternoon at the Morton Arboretum. It has really gotten pretty cool in the past few years. I remember the first time Molly and I went was 3 or 4 years ago, and it was a nice place to have a picnic and walk around and that was about it. Now there is a huge new children’s area for Zoe to explore. After picking up a delicious lunch from a little place in Riverside (which makes the best oatmeal chocolate chip cookies ever, I want their recipe!) we made it to the park. Zoe loved playing in the squirting from pond. A little later in the afternoon we came to a waterfall type pond and I thought she might like to splash in that too, for some reason I didn’t anticipate her laying down in it. I’ll add some pictures later on, but it’s about time to get Z up from her nap.

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