Eagle Peak

This morning when I woke up from a terrible night sleep I had no idea what we were getting into today. I didn’t know I wouldn’t be able to feel my legs or I would have to leap over trees on the side of a mountain thousands of feet in the air

When we first got to the trail we spent a good 5 minutes putting on sunscreen and our hiking boots. Less than 15 steps into the trail we had to cross a river. We decided it was best to take off our shoes. On the way back I was ready to be done and just ran across. I will 100% have water in my boots for the rest of the summer.

The hike up was super steep and the hardest part was most definitely crossing the trees. If my legs were an inch shorter I think I would have left at least one on the trail and a bear would have a nice dinner. This was definitely our longest duration of hike and didn’t get above tree line until 1ish.

At the beginning of the trail we saw a sign saying that hikers, horses, bicyclists, and motorcycles were aloud. We laughed and questioned who would ride a motorcycle but as we got to the top we saw a group of 5 motorcyclists and talked to them for a bit. I have a lot of questions for that I have no desire to ask.

We walked to the top of a almost mountain and for a few mins pretended we submitted it and were about to turn around. We decided to keep going up and ended up at Eagles Peak. It was sooo hard and we didn’t follow a trail and numerous times I thought I was going to fall off. Once we got to the top we took a few pics and then real fast had to turn around.

Going down was almost harded than going up because I was super tired and my legs were so sore. We went back over all 14 to 60 to 948,567,998 fallen trees depending on how you count.We eventually got back to the car after13 long miles.

We all ate some well deserved burritos and now are going to hopefully sleep well!

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