Day 18: Raider Ridge

My feet are up, I have a cold can of TJs wine, we’re watching rafters float down the Animas River, our Zia order has been placed, Zak and I have a date at Bookcase and the Barber, and the earlier portion of the day was filled with adventure and fun. Not a single complaint.

We woke up fairly early and moaned when we saw the lame prepackaged breakfast offered by the hotel. Zak causally suggested Johnny O’s Spudnuts. We looked at him in bewilderment as breakfast out is so rare. He shrugged, and said, “I read they’re the number 2 restaurant in Farmington and have donuts.” Zoe replied, “Are they potato donuts, like potato pancakes?” Nope. They were delicious, fluffy, fresh donuts and enough reason to return to Farmington once a month. That, and Farmington has the only Target within an hour and a half from COhome.

We made the quick drive to Durango, more specifically, the Raider Ridge trailhead. Darrell recommended this hike for us and it may be my favorite one of the trip thus far. It started with a long, steep incline, which brought us to a ridge overlooking Durango. We hiked along the ridge for several miles, taking in the views and the enjoying the breeze as it blew off the top of the ridge. We had to look down at our feet placement for most of the hike. The trail was too primative and unreliable to walk AND look at the horizon. This allowed us to take in the plethora of wildflowers. Over the nearly 8 miles and 2,000+ feet elevation gain of the hike, we took it all in, enjoying the views, the scents, the company of one another. I could do this all day, everyday.

The rest of the day will be filled with good food, good drinks, good views, and the feeling of accomplishment. All is good.

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