Fine Line

“I’m looking for something to buy”

Harry Styles

We learned A LOT about trading today. According to our tour guide at Bent’s Old Fort there are three types of goods: goods that make life easier, goods that make you look or feel good, and entertainment. I think his system is BS, but for $3 per person what can you really expect. When we first entered the trading room he asked who wanted to make a deal. I told him, sincerely, that I was interested in the buffalo robe on the counter. He told me I could have it for $3 and I agreed, but then he wouldn’t let me have it. More BS.

He also brought us into a room full of whiskey barrels and asked what we thought it was used for. Of course I said it was the distillery. “No”, he says, “they’re for water”. What kind of BS pioneers don’t have whiskey? I guess overall I wish there had just been a normal ranger tour instead of a weird reenactment. I also wish he’d kept his end of the bargain on the buffalo robe trade. I guess the real moral of today is don’t make a deal with the nameless guide at Bent’s Old Fort.

Prior to Bent’s Old Fort we had also visited Bent’s New Fort. Brad, the caretaker of the property seems to be doing a mostly adequate job. There were some mildly insightful info boards about the inhabitants of the fort placed along a trail lined with stones. While I generally applaud these human connections, it would have been nice to learn a little about what we were actually seeing. One sign, perplexingly, was not on the trail. I’m convinced it was the one that described the earthworks we were looking at since none of the others did, but we’ll never know for sure.

Bent’s New Fort. Pictured here is…your guess is as good as mine.

After visiting Bent’s Forts we headed to Manitou Springs. It was like Estes Park. You’ll find plenty of description of Estes Park in prior posts on this blog.

We’re now writing blog posts from the rooftop of Phantom Canyon Brewing Co in Colorado Springs. It’s actually a pretty darn good end to the day. The beer is tasty and $3 a pint, we played some Monopoly Deal, we met a “talkative fellow”, Molly saw a penis on the way here (no, not mine, but appropriate after her post yesterday), we laughed a lot about all the experiences of the day, the temp is perfect, and we watched a thunderstorm pass without getting a drop on us. These moments are always some of my favorite of the trip and I’m going to hold on to this one.

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  1. Really loving the end of your day and that it was an unexpected moment. However, more on this penis, please!!!??

      1. It was very hairy. Mediumish. Not too small, don’t think he was the massacre-y type. Unfortunate place for a hole in his pants and unfortunate sitting position. Or fortunate…

  2. Great entry! Love that the each family member family does one, makes these even more fun to follow. Have a wonderful summer and thank you for letting me tag a long!

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