Getting to see the worlds largest ball of twine!

Not only did we get to wake up at the Kimpton in Omaha today but we also got to see the Worlds largest ball of twine.

If you are a beginner twine ball enthusiest like me you may not know all the twine conteversy that comes with visiting the Worlds Largest ball of twine. First, believe it or not there is two worlds largest balls of twines both in the U.S. The one that we visited is in Caulker City Kansas. This was created by Frank Stober and when he died in the 1970’s it ws over 1.5 million feet long. Im truly impressed. Now, the conteversy is there there is multiple claims to the largest ball of twine and I’m sure there is a Wikipedia article you can read up on it. Howver, I can cofortably say we saw the largest ball of twine southwest of Minnesota, which is a major accomplishment.

Before the enchanting twine ball we stopped at Homesteasd National historic park. We saw the possible site of the first settlement which looked no different from the rest of Kansas. Mr. Freeman, a lovely Ohioan who married his brothers ex-wife, decided it would be a fun chalenge to survive in the middle of nowhere Kansas with his family. Fortunatly for him he was sucessful and got the claim for the land and was the first person to do so.

After the twine ball we went to Nicodemus National Historic site which was the first all Black settlement in the U.S. We walked arouns the town and saw the old church and schoolhouse. It was interesting to read about the history and see all the buildings.

Afterwards we drove the rest of the way to Colby, Kansas (still unsure it it is named after the cheese or the cheese after it) We sat outside and wrote blogposts while listening to the Alt Roadtrip playlist (we have 3 now).

Soon we will try and find something for dinner and tomorrow off to Colorado!!

COLBY UPDATE: There is not relation to the cheese. Dissapointing but not suprising.

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