Pre-Camping Interview

  1. Zak
  2. Molly
  3. Zoe
  4. Ellie
  1. Are you excited to go camping? In mid-November? When the low with be 41 degrees?
    1. Yes, but more for the hiking than camping. After our Morton Arboretum excursion a couple weeks ago I’m ready for another trip. It’s too bad we don’t live closer to Colorado.
    2. Yes! Wait, more like, yeah?!?
    3. No. No. No.
    4. No.
  2. What are you most excited about?
    1. Getting a chance to test out our equipment before next summer. We’re expecting lows in the mid-30’s in the mountains so this will be a good chance to see how everything performs – including us.
    2. Trying something new to all of us together as a family. This is the first time that any of us have ever really been camping, so it will be neat to see the girls try something new at the same time we are.
    3. Cheetos
    4. Being naked outside.
  3. What are you most nervous about?
    1. Ellie snoring. I think I’m tenting with Zoe, but it’ll be quiet and sound carries.
    2. Being too cold. And I’m not sure how I will be able to take care of hygiene stuff. Like how will my hair look? How will I shave? How will I wash my face?
    3. Sleeping outside, in a tent, in 41 degree weather.
    4. A bear getting us.
  4. How do you think you will sleep?
    1. Usually at home I start out on my side and then go to my back, so I’d guess that this will probably be the same.
    2. I’m not expecting a good night’s rest. At all. I plan on napping all Sunday afternoon when we return home.
    3. Uncomfortably and bad. I don’t think I’ll sleep.
    4. Actually, I think I’ll sleep weird.
  5. What camping food are you most looking forward to?
    1. Burgers & Beers
    2. Dunkin’ Donut’s coffee in the morning.
    3. Cheetos
    4. The sweet potato beef bar dad got in his Cairn box.
  6. What do you want to bring from home, but Dad/Zak has already said no?
    1. Why would I say no to myself?
    2. My hair straightener, my coffee pot, a fire/heat source, and my pillow.
    3. blankets
    4. Obviously, my American Girl dolls.
  7. How do you plan on being warm enough?
    1. I’ll be cozy in my Kelty Cosmic 20 degree bag. I’m actually worried about being too hot.
    2. I don’t know. It is stressing me out. All my sweaters are more cutey and appropriate for work, not camping. I’m not even sure I have a warm sweatshirt. I think the morning when we wake up will be pretty miserable. And what if we wake up at 5 or 6 and then have to hang out in the freezing cold until it is late enough to go to Dunkin Donuts.
    3. I’m not planning on being warm enough.
    4. Getting my whole entire body in the sleeping bag.
  8. Are you still excited?
    1. Yeah!
    2. Yes! I actually am, but also quite a bit nervous. We’ll see how this all goes.
    3. A little bit more now.
    4. I wasn’t at the beginning.

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