Ahh, it has been a long weekend. On Saturday morning we went to the science center. Then we got in the car to go camping. Yes we went camping. We set up our tents and then we went on a 5 mile hike in Matthiessen State Park. Then we went to two bars for dinner. The first one was called Duffy’s. We got popcorn and gum. The second one was called Skoog’s. Me and Ellie got Chicken wings.  Then we got back to the campsite. We were the only people with a tent and without a fire. ( Every else had an RV). On Sunday we went to Starved rock. We did a 10 mile hike. We got to do rock climbing on the rocks. It was a lot of fun. Starved rock is one of my favorite places it is so scenic. We got to go on cave. We are now in the car on the way home.
      Camping is hard to describe. I was uncomfortable and cold. I barely got any sleep. I am excited to get some comfortableness and sleep tonight. Camping is not really my thing.

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