Tick (update 2)

I was just informed by Ellie that Zak told the girls that I freak out. Zak immediately denied that and asked Zoe to clarify exactly what was said. Turns out that while I was at the Minute Clinic this conversation occurred: Zak: Sometimes mom overreacts. Zoe: Like me. That’s where I get it from. So, […]

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Tick (update 1)

The kind doctor at the Minute Clinic prescribed me an antibiotic, praised my tick removal skills, and pathetically handed me a pamphlet on Lyme disease. Now I wait a week to see if symptoms appear.

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It is a Friday night. The girls have the next week off, it’s Zoe’s birthday weekend, and we had big plans of eating pizza and watching “Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead.” It is a classic, after all. So after school, I was sipping a glass of wine while Zak and the girls were playing […]

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