Trial Camping

As I’m sure we’ve mentioned on this blog, one of our long term goals is to do some true backpacking rather than the long day hikes that we’ve done in the past and have planned for the upcoming summer. The biggest implication of this is that if we’re going to be on the trail for […]

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Whew! What a weekend! Two FULL days, and we are back home, doing laundry, and packing lunches for tomorrow. Kind of like any other Sunday evening, but this week we all have fresh memories of a remarkable weekend. We arrived at Starved Rock at 1:30ish on Saturday, quickly found a campsite, and had the two […]

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Caping and hiking

on Saturday  we hiked 5 miles it was fun and beautiful I enjoined it I loved  the view.  I hope we hike the trail again. (Ellie is pretty tired, so Molly is going to do the typing for the rest of the post.) Last night I was the only person who was warm enough. I […]

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     Ahh, it has been a long weekend. On Saturday morning we went to the science center. Then we got in the car to go camping. Yes we went camping. We set up our tents and then we went on a 5 mile hike in Matthiessen State Park. Then we went to two bars for […]

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