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The camping aspect of next year’s trip is adding this element that is just outside of all of our comfort zones. Zak and I haven’t camped in 11 or 12 years when we took a three day canoe trip with friends to the Ozarks. Until two weeks ago, we didn’t have a lick of camping gear. I’m not even confident that I could find a marshmallow in this house, and I do know from my limited experience that s’mores are mandatory. So we spent a lot of money the last two weeks buying tents, sleeping bags, and sleeping mats. (I didn’t know what sleeping mats were, let alone have any idea that they are one of the three required camping gear.) Everything is so pretty! The sleeping bags are two toned blue, a navyish and royalish, with bright marigold accents. The tents are a crisp gray with tangerine details and rain cover. So beautiful! And now we have all this stuff and we really, really don’t want to have to wait to use it. It’s like getting a new mascara and being forced to finish your almost-gone, but not-yet one first.

So, we are going to put it to use next weekend. Yep. Our first ever camping experience will be in mid-November. There is a rationale to it. All our gear has a cold rating (may not be the technical term) of 21 degrees. And, it is going to be COLD in June in the mountains in Colorado. (And HOT in the deserts of Utah!) So this is the perfect opportunity to practice. We are going to Starved Rock. This is an email exchange between Zak and myself a few nights ago when I asked him what we will do about morning coffee:

dd 1

dd 2

dd 3

dd 4

(Don’t we just scream camping people?!?!?)

So we now have these tents, sleeping bags, and mats that we get to use next week! It is actually funny how excited we all are. Zak had a brilliant idea today. Instead of waiting until next week, in the each blackness of the sky, we should probably set up the tents for practice today. They were easy to assemble. Although, did take the two of us and our next door neighbor to decide that we couldn’t determine which side of the tent footprint is “coated.” Anyone have insight for us?? There were a few steps that were too concise, but we figured out what all the jargon of the directions meant. And then we had a tent in our front yard!

tent 1

tent 2

tent 3

tent 4

We also need to let the sleeping bags “loft up,” so those are taking up most of the square footage of our family room.

sleeping bag

Check back in to find out how this all went. And if we will actually commit to 8 nights of the 32 camping this summer. I can actually answer that now. We will. We’ve spent way too much money not to.


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