Day 12 or something like that. And we’re still going strong! We had spent the night in a charming mountain village and woke to fresh, crisp air, hot coffee, and prepackaged muffins for breakfast. (All the negative reviews online were about the crappy breakfast, but a free muffin is free, prepackaged or not!) Anyway, the town was adorable and Zak and I couldn’t stop talking about the obvious need for a cupcake bakery downtown.

We started to head toward Yosemite and after way too many potty breaks we made it to the park. Wow! We couldn’t stop pulling over and taking in the wonderous sights. The waterfalls are so amazing and we visited at the perfect time of year, as snow atop the mountains is still melting.

Then we saw a bear! A real, live, wild bear munching away on grass! So fun!

We had a small picnic lunch then got on a shuttle and then hiked to Yosemite Falls. It was very crowded, but still beautiful. We worked our way out of the popular main area and crowds and made our way to a little highway to cross the park. This road was twisty and and very steep climbs and fall offs, but hands down the most amazing road I’ve ever been on. We saw another bear, several feet of snow, small streams, large lakes, countless waterfalls, few other cars, and the beauty of Yosemite. It was a great afternoon.

We got out of the park and stopped at a small BBQ place for supper and started the big drive back east. We’re now in Nevada, outside of Reno. We’d like to make it a couple hundred miles before stopping for the night.

The girls just fell asleep in the back as the brightest full moon rises out Zoe’s window. (Not without a small battle, of course. Ellie got in a mood and threw everything within her arm’s reach. A rubik’s cube hit Zoe in the eye causing many tears. It was then that Ellie realized a time out in the car means nothing…we got nearly 2 weeks in though of it working! It was tense for awhile, but everyone calmed down before too long!)

We’ve got a big day of driving tomorrow. We’d like to get close enoght to South Dakota as we can so we can do Mount Rushmore on Monday morning. We’re not sure of our plans from there on out. We’d like to stop in the Twin Cities and Eau Claire on the way home. We’ll look at the map tomorrow and try to figure it out.

Bad news: the harddrive on the computer crashed and we can’t upload any pictures until we get home. It’s ok though, you don’t really want to see the horrendous mishap I had with a bottle of spray sunscreen.

Current odometer 58888. We started at 55252. You do the math and let me know. 🙂

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