Day 5 and 6

As Zak mentioned, we went to Bryce and Zion Canyons yesterday. Both are so beautiful. There are few words to describe the breathtaking views of Bryce. However, the girls were both a bit cranky and wild. Not a good combination when were atop 1000 feet cliffs. As nice as it was to look at, I was glad when we were back in the car and we didn’t have to worry about a girl falling over the edge.

Zion was also amaxing. The entrance from the west is highway 9, which is closed this summer for construction, except on the weekends. We totally lucked out by being there on a Saturday. It is the most terrifying, beautiful drive down the canyon. I believe there are 7 hairpin turns the eventually led us to the bottom of the canyon. Kudos to Zak for being such a great driver. Cars are no longer allowed to drive through the park, so we took a shuttle and did a nice little hike.

We got back in the car, the girls slept, and we drove to Vegas. A few months ago the Baja Fresh we frequented closed and we’ve been devistated without it. One of our goals for this trip was to get to a Baja Fresh. Last night was the night and it was fabulous! We ate in our room and then went for a late ngight swim. The girls are water fairies and could have stayed up all night, but we decided 10 was a late enough bedtime.

This morning we started our Father’s Day celebration Vegas style. We walked a bit of the strip, checked into the MGM, and spent the day in the renouned pools of MGM. The girls had a great time swimming all day and we so disappointed when it was time to come back to the room.

For dinner we went to 4 Kegs which was featured on Diners, Dives, and Drive-Ins. It really is a tiny dive way off the strip and we were without a doubt the only non-regulars, but the stromboli was to die for. I’m so full right now, but my mouth is watering as I write about it. Yumm!

The girls fell right to sleep tonight and Zak is down at the casino enjoying the end of his Father’s Day. We’ve got another day at the pools tomorrow before heading to California!

Good night!

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