Bryce, Zion, and Vegas

Yesterday turned into a really busy day. We turned our 3 hours drive from Beaver to Vegas into an all day trek across southern Utah. I’m glad we did though, there is definitely some beautiful country there. I had always pictured this area as empty desert, but it really is anything but that. Bryce canyon was especially cool to see with hoodoos sticking up all over the place.

Z was especially excited for the day because of the promise of getting two stamps for her national parks passport.

Ellie had a little bit of trauma when her Barbies head fell off (see photos) but she recovered when I promised her that we’d put a band aid on it just like we did for Marco’s finger.

Both girls were excited to be able to go swimming again when we finally made it to Vegas last night. I did a little gambling last night, broke even monetarily, but did get a free water and beer, so I guess that’s ahead. Today we’ll be heading over to the MGM Grand shortly for a whole day of swimming!

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