The First ER Visit

We didn’t really have exciting plans for New Year’s Eve.  Let me restate that.  We didn’t have exciting plans for New Year’s Eve.  Just put the girls down and order in from a nice Italian place.

Ellie had another idea.

Late, late Tuesday night, she came down with a fever.  We gave her Tylenol and encouraged her to sleep it off.  Wednesday the fever was up and really didn’t fall much, even with many doses of Tylenol.  About 6:00 in the evening her fever was up to 103.7 so Zak made a call to the doctor who was quite concerned and told us to take her to the ER.

Ellie and I got there and the poor girl was simply miserable.  She couldn’t hold her head up and was so weak.  It was early enough on New Year’s Eve that there weren’t many people in the waiting area, just the handcuffed dude with police escort.  We were seen quickly and the doctor found a little ear infection and prescribed an antibiotic and told us to keep giving her the Tylenol. We were on our way home by 8:00.

The fever dropped quite a bit Thursday and it was clear Ellie felt a bit more like herself.  Fortunately, by bedtime the fever was completely gone and has been since.  Now we’re just dealing with the runningest (word?) nose ever and a cough.

At least she was well enough for a nice trip to IKEA this morning!

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