The First ER Visit

We didn’t really have exciting plans for New Year’s Eve.Β  Let me restate that.Β  We didn’t have exciting plans for New Year’s Eve.Β  Just put the girls down and order in from a nice Italian place. Ellie had another idea. Late, late Tuesday night, she came down with a fever.Β  We gave her Tylenol and […]

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Zoe is at a great age for the magic and mystery of Santa.Β  Throughout the entire season we talked about how he was going to visit while she was sleeping and she needed to be a good girl to make him happy and where he lived and everything about him.Β  We made a visit with […]

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One Year Check Up

Ellie recently had her one year check up and all is great with our almost-not-a-baby-anymore.Β  She’s reached all the necessary milestones and is thriving in nearly every aspect.Β  NEARLY every aspect.Β  There’s the whole teeth issue.Β  In spite of her grand ability to eat everything in sight, she has yet to get a tooth.Β  Fortunately, […]

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