Zoe is at a great age for the magic and mystery of Santa.  Throughout the entire season we talked about how he was going to visit while she was sleeping and she needed to be a good girl to make him happy and where he lived and everything about him.  We made a visit with the jolly old guy and although she wasn’t all cuddly with him, it was a whole lot smoother than previous years.  She wrote a very sweet letter to him detailing all the good things she did over the past year and asking politely for a dollhouse.

Then it was Christmas Eve.  We had spent a delightful day in Geneva with the family and had come home to put a sleepy Ellie asleep for her first Christmas Eve.  Zoe, Zak, and I then prepared a nice plate of cookies (one for Santa to bring to Mrs. Claus) and celery for the reindeer (we were out of carrots.)  We jotted down a quick message to Santa to be sure he knew to bring the one cookie back up north for the Misses.  I pulled up the Santa tracker on the computer and Santa had just crossed the Atlantic Ocean and was in South America.  In Zoe’s little mind, this meant he was just around the block!  She started to cry.  She demanded we all go to bed right then.  No brushing teeth!  No kisses!  No story!  Right to sleep! She did not want to be awake when Santa came and then have him skip our house and then Christmas be ruined!

Fortunately, we were all sound asleep when Santa arrived and there were countless presents under the tree as we awoke.  Including one fabulous dollhouse!

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