Zoe’s dental reward

Since Z had done such a great job at the dentist Molly promised her that she could pick out a new toy at the toy store. We had planned on getting her some little trinket, but since she did do a really great job and it’s been almost 6 months since she did get a new toy we decided she could pick out whatever she wanted.

One afternoon while Ellie was sleeping I took her to Target. First we walked through the dollar section where she saw several things that were interesting (cups, glitter) and some that weren’t (“no chalk, I have chalk at home”). We decided to head back to the toy department, but on the way Zoe declared “I want a book”, I thought maybe a sticker book would be fun since she loved the others that she’d had, but the only Elmo one was one she’d already done and the others didn’t strike her fancy. She also spotted a Fancy Nancy book that she didn’t have, but wasn’t sure that she wanted that either.

As we wandered around the toy section Zoe made it very clear what she did not want. Numerous times she would excitedly point to something and say “no this”. I tried to explain to her that she only needed to show me the things she did want, but that didn’t go over so well. On our first pass through she saw a few things that were interesting to her (or me); a wagon for her dolls, a water table, a computer, Fancy Nancy stuff, trucks, and more. She didn’t seem to have a good idea about what she wanted until we walk by the computers for the second time and she declared “I want e-mail”, and that was it. It was pretty amazing how thoughtful she was. I could tell the whole time that she knew what we were doing and that she wanted to pick out the perfect thing. I think she’s pretty happy with her choice.

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