Pet Parade

Saturday was the 62nd Annual LaGrange Pet Parade in downtown LaGrange. This was only our second time going; however, my mom also joined us, reliving memories from her childhood. When one first hears of a pet parade they probably picture families walking their pets down the street. [singlepic=8039,350,250] But it’s so much more than that. […]

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Z:Β  Look Mommy!Β  I have makeup on! I looked at her face to discover she used blueberry yogurt as eyeshadow and blush.Β  Cute.

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Another Poop Story

Oddly, this one doesn’t involve Zoe or Ellie at all, the unfortunate person was Molly. With the weather turning nice, one of Zoe’s favorite things to do is “eat outside, eat outside, eat outside, . . .”. So Sunday we brought our lunch out back. Just as we were finishing up this bird: landed right […]

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