Conversation with My Mom

Mom: I saw the blog update and I really liked Zoe’s paintings. You know, I think she has real talent. Me: Mom, she’s two. Mom: I know, and I think she has a lot of skill. She’s so creative, you can just tell. Me: But she can’t even draw a circle yet. Mom: But she […]

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She did it!! Ellie slept through the whole night last night. And not that faux six hour chunk sleeping through the night that the pediatrician praised her for doing last month. Nope. That doesn’t count. 8:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. Now that is what I’m talking about. And that meant that I got to sleep […]

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Zoe Painting Gallery

A while back I put up some of the masterpieces Zoe had created. She’s been hard at work in the meantime, so I’m going to post several more today. I’m sure she will be a prolific artist this summer!

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Kleenex: Part 2

As a refresher, read April 24th entry. We had planned on removing that Kleenex box from Zoe’s bed when it was empty, but she’s such a creature of routine and was not at all willing to give it up. Instead, we have to refill that box every week or so with a handful of new […]

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Ellie – Sleeping or Spiteful?

Today well we were eating lunch I was holding Ellie, who I thought was fast asleep. Midway through the meal though, she abruptly reached for my plate, grabbed a raspberry, rubbed it on my shirt, and then lay completely still and silent for the rest of the meal. I’m not sure if it was just […]

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Miss Tracey

Several months ago, my friend Katie told me about a weekly event at Brown Cow Ice Cream Parlor. [singlepic=7961,350,250] Every Monday morning Miss Tracey, a phenomenal storyteller, performs for all those who happen to stop by. And we are certain to stop by every week. Zoe gets a kiddie scoop of chocolate peanut butter ice […]

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Ellie Poops

When Zoe was an only child we were forced to talk about poop fairly often on this blog. There just wasn’t a whole lot else going on. We discussed it here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here. Now that Zoe’s a toddler and talking, and being hilarious we have unintentionally omitted sharing […]

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Baby Blues

I love “Baby Blues” because the older daughter is named Zoe and she has a baby sister. There’s a lot of days where it’s just like reading a comic about our house. I can totally see this happening in a few months:

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