Ellie Poops

When Zoe was an only child we were forced to talk about poop fairly often on this blog. There just wasn’t a whole lot else going on. We discussed it here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here. Now that Zoe’s a toddler and talking, and being hilarious we have unintentionally omitted sharing most of the poop adventures that happen in our household. I don’t want the girls to feel as if I was unfair and I do want them to feel equally embarrassed as preteens. Hence, this is an entry completely devoted to Ellie poops.

She just doesn’t get how the process works. She saves up all the poop she has, refusing to release it, obviously in fear that she won’t be able to make any more. It just builds up and up and up and then every day or so there is a massive explosion. These violent blowouts results in the need for a new outfit, always for Ellie, and occasionally for the witnesses of the burst. Often a bath is in order, in fact we don’t have a nighttime routine bath for her. She just bathes after pooping, regardless of the time of day.

The look on Ellie’s face immediately following the incidents suggests she is thinking, “Shoot! It’s gone. I’m never going to get it back inside. Will I be able to make more? I was trying so hard to not let go. Man!” As it turns out, she always makes more. We’ve attempted to explain the process to her, but she’s just four and a half months old and not able to understand how the plumbing works.

Sorry about this Ellie, I am just trying to be fair. Zoe, I DO love you both and here’s proof!

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