I feel as if I’ve been quite forgetful lately, so I causally mentioned it to my doctor yesterday.  She said that it’s just the combination of being tired, stressed out, and having a new baby to care for.  Then she told me that for each child a woman has, she loses 10 IQ points.  When […]

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We need a new roof.  It’s not an emergency and it’s on the list for 2009.  We’re at the current legal limit for number of roof layers, so when we do replace it we need to get all the old layers ripped off.  It’ll be a big deal. Zak talked to Nic today and when […]

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I’m fairly certain Ellie rolled over for the first time!  A bit of background first.  I’ve been so overwhelmed and  concerned about the challenge of sharing my time between the two girls.  Ellie isn’t really old enough to playing with Zoe, so for now, Ellie time is Ellie time and Zoe time is Zoe time.  […]

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One night last week Zoe woke up every 20 minutes begging for a Kleenex, as a cold was starting to form.  Every 20 minutes from 10:00 to 3:00 I got out of bed and went into her room to wipe her little runny nose.  At 3:00 I had finally had enough and Zak convinced me […]

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Mirror, Mirror On the Wall

Ellie is constantly exploring her surroundings and recently discovered mirrors!  She has fallen in love with that baby that always stares back at her, giggling, oohing, and ahhing in response.   One of her little play mats has a small mirror and Ellie adjusts her head to stare at it.  She’ll then spend more time than […]

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Tru Green

Ding-Dong Guy:  Hi. Is the homeowner home? Me (holding Elle):  I’m the homeowner. Guy:  Ohh, you look…., well, anyways. Me (in my head):  Anyways is not a word.  It’s anyway. Guy:  I’m with Tru Green Lawn Care and am in your neighborhood to get your lawn set up for the summer. Me:  We’re not interested, […]

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Ice Cream Trucks

One of the two ice cream trucks in our neighborhood just went by.  Spring is officially here.  I imagine the very loud, verbal disagreements over “ice cream sale zones” between the two vendors will start up any day.  I hope the arguments won’t escalate to the point of police intervention this year.  On the other […]

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My Vent of the Day

The cold weather has broken. It’s in the 60’s, sunny, beautiful. No plans, only to relax outside. And. We’re all sick. No one slept last night. No one has slept yet today. And the whining is loud and constant. And my head hurts. A lot. Elmo’s attempting to keeping Zoe occupied. As well as peanut […]

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I Love You

Yesterday, for the first time, Zoe said, “I love you, Mommy.”  I instantly started crying as my heart turned to mush.  I told her that I loved her so very much back and that she could get away with anything she wanted all day long.

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