Broken Crayon

We were out to breakfast at Blueberry Hill where they provide kids with a cup of crayons and a menu that’s colorable.Β  Zoe was busy decorating the paper with various colors when she started saying, “Broken crayon.Β  Crayon not working.Β  Oh no.” Zak and I looked to her and she was waving a white crayon […]

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Our camera broke tonight.Β  Forever broken.Β  Out of the blue, no one did anything wrong, broken.Β  We have to get a new camera, broken.Β  We have a few pictures on the memory card, but then there won’t be new pictures until we beg the camera fund gods for money to purchase a new one.Β  Bummer, […]

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TV Hell (conclusion)

This has been quite the journey through customer service. It’s time to reflect on what I’ve learned: US Postal Service – The tracking information apparently doesn’t actually track anything. In fact I’m not sure what it did other than cost me $.75. I am glad we bought the insurance though even though we didn’t get […]

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TV Hell (part 8)

It would seem that at this point our story has reached its happy conclusion, but there is of course one more problem. Since the TV we ended up with is significantly larger than the one we began with the wall mount we bought and put up is too small. After a bit of online bargain […]

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TV Hell (part 7)

The next day Molly (after bringing Zoe to the doctor for her ear infection) returned home at 12:30 to find a note from FedEx that they had attempted to deliver the package and no one had been home. I found it a little unnerving that FedEx seemed to think that 12:30 fell between 2 and […]

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TV Hell (part 6)

The next day I got a message from Mr. Anderson with a FedEx tracking number! He had even sent it 2 day express so we were expecting to receive it the following Monday morning. Unfortunately, Molly and the girls had plans both Monday and Tuesday mornings so Tuesday evening (after taking Zoe out for Pizza! […]

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We’re still seeing just about every public restroom possible and Zoe is quite the bathroom critic.Β  If we go into a nice one like at Villa Olivia she says, “Oooooo.Β  Fancy.”Β  If we are in crummy one like at Toys R Us she says. “Ewww.Β  Yucky.Β  No touch.”

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First Robin of Spring

Zoe was the first one of us to spot a robin this year. She often watches the tree right outside our window while she eats since the squirrels like to romp around in it. She must have been surprised the other day as we were eating lunch because she abruptly pointed out the window and […]

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Video Update – March 25, 2008

Easter Making Pizza Zoe Reading Girls Playing

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TV Hell (part 5)

After finding the top secret Polaroid number (1-800-232-5000 or 1-800-343-5000) I explained my situation once again and within 30 seconds was transfered to someone who actually was a manager, Johnnie Holden. Mr. Holden informed me that I was the 4th person he’d spoken to that day with the same complaint and that although that wasn’t […]

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