TV Hell (conclusion)

This has been quite the journey through customer service. It’s time to reflect on what I’ve learned:

US Postal Service – The tracking information apparently doesn’t actually track anything. In fact I’m not sure what it did other than cost me $.75. I am glad we bought the insurance though even though we didn’t get to use it.

Dish Network – Mentioning going to DirectTV = Free Stuff I didn’t even have to threaten I would, just mention that if I did I would receive something. I’ll have to keep that in mind when we get to buying a replacement for our main TV and want to upgrade to HD service.

FedEx – Although they screwed up they tried hard to (and did) fix their mistake. Thanks!

Polaroid Call Center – Avoid in the future, call corporate direct (Polaroid Customer Care Center). I hope (Diane) gets a promotion to a job where she doesn’t have to talk to anyone on the phone. That’s clearly not her thing.

Polaroid Corporate – For a company that claims to be moving away from cameras to focus more on TV’s and customer services this was a pretty crappy display of customer service on a TV. I’m glad things were resolved, but it should have happened over a month sooner than it did. In fact even after my initial contact with Mr. Holden it was nearly two weeks until the replacement was shipped.

Irregardless, I would buy another Polaroid product. Molly and I have boycotted several businesses in the past (notably Prairie Rock, which we have since ended the boycott on, and Best Buy, which I am currently boycotting) but, due to the way it was finally resolved by Polaroid corporate I’d give them another chance. I’m pretty sure they’re on Molly’s current boycott list though, perhaps even ahead of Wal-Mart.

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