Leap Day

Happy Leap Day! For those of you who may not be familiar with my daylight savings theory let me fill you in first. It seems to me that the extra hour I get each fall should be my hour and that if I don’t feel like taking it in the middle of the night on […]

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I was at a conference yesterday learning all about reading strategies and I decided I would try to implement one of them in my class. As an example I made up this brainstorming map.

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Ellie Update

We’ve been so consumed with this whole potty training thing, I haven’t written about Ellie lately  She’s still perfectly amazing.  It’s thrilling how much joy such a little bundle has brought into our lives.  She’s snoozing in my arms right now and just had a huge smile spread across her face.  And now she’s snoring […]

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Conversation With a Student

An excerpt of my day as I returned a test to students: Student: I am so tired of failing tests, I can’t stand this any more Me: That’s great to hear, I’d be happy to help you out however I can. Make sure you keep up with things and come see me when you have […]

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Potty Training Stats

6 pairs of new big girl underpants 4 loads of laundry   Dozens of M&Ms Too many renditions  of “Tinkle Tinkle on the Potty” 3 viewings of “Elmo’s Potty Time” 1 container of Lysol wipes 4 days of Zoe not wearing pants   0 diapers during the day Currently about 50 hours with only one […]

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For Christmas this year we got Zoe a little train set, but we quickly took it back away from her and hid it away for a rainy day. We recently gave it back to her and she’s had a lot of fun playing with it. The other day as she was pushing it around the […]

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Arcade Project

Some of you may remember from last summer that I decided to complete several summer projects. I’m planning the same for this summer, and in the interest of actually completing it by the end of the summer I decided that I’d better get started. My goal is to build an arcade machine, a real one […]

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Potty Day (part 2)

After a nerve wracking 2-4 start Zoe rallied this afternoon to finish at 5-4 by going 3-0 between nap and bedtime. That’s right folks, a perfect afternoon! She put her pee in the potty three times, twice by herself and one more time when I asked her to try right before bed. All of that […]

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Potty Day

We’ve declared today potty day in the Knott household. Yesterday while out shopping Molly bought Zoe some big girl underwear, and Z was thrilled about them. We decided that we might as well go ahead and use that enthusiasm to teach Z to pee and poop like a big girl. So far the day has […]

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